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BSidesLisbon is the premier technical information security conference in Portugal. It is a community organized, not for profit, conference started in 2013 and is now on its 4th edition, providing opportunities for individuals to both present and participate in an intimate atmosphere that encourages collaboration. It is an intense event with discussions, workshops, and interaction from participants.

As in the previous year, there will be 2 tracks with talks, 1 track with workshops, and a CTF.

For additional information regarding the BSides Security Conferences, check BSides Community Wiki

Target Audience

While each BSides event is unique, we target the industry professional looking to offset or augment their current security skill set. These are industry leaders, thought leaders, information security professionals, and even students who wish to expand their body of knowledge. Their common goal is to learn and connect with others who share the same passion.

BSides provides a small and intimate environment for the attendees to directly engage the speaker before, during, and after their talk or presentation. Attendees are looking for more than just information; they are looking to make connections they will call upon throughout the rest of the year.

Latest news

Countdown to Zero Day

The final (we hope) schedule is now up! You can check it here.

A lot of people say that the best thing about conferences is the “hall con”, hanging out and networking with others outside the talks, workshops, and so on. We do think we managed to have an absolutely amazing speaker line up that you will not want to miss a bit (thanks to our speakers!), but we also want people to network and hang out.

With this in mind, this year we’re having a welcome reception along with the lightning talks, on the 9th from 18:30 to 20:00. This will allow people to just chill, hangout, have a few drinks on us (specifically, our sponsors!) and just have a good time before going to rest to regain energy for the second day of the confence. We’re calling this part of the conference BeerSidesLisbon (name inspired by our friends from BSidesMCR).

A few additional points worth mentioning:

  • If you want to attend the workshops, check the requirements, and how to get a place;
  • Lightning talks registration is onsite on the 9th. They'll happen during our welcome reception;
  • You'll be able to check-in at any time during the conference.

Check the schedule, decide on yours, and get ready for the greatest bSidesLisbon ever!

See you soon!

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